Bulk / Group / Custom Orders:


  1. Cost is $25/shirt.  Depending on print run volume that should generate about $15/shirt that gets donated.  Use BLUE link above to order.  
  2. We are doing production runs based on demand.  Targeting for min runs of 100. 
  3. We are only offering the charcoal color currently for bulk/group orders.   
  4. We will ship immediately after a production run.  
  5.  You can customize the design upon request.  This would be a great option for organizations looking to personalize the design.  Depending on order volume the cost would be about $10/shirt.  See option below and submit request via email.  

Custom Orders

We welcome custom orders.  We will accomodate alterations on a individual basis.  This is a great option for organiztions looking to add a level of personalization.  Please email us to explore this option.