Simple Purpose

Cash support to Second Harvest Heartland and a reminder of hope with a clever T-Shirt.

Clever & Sensitive Design

Individual Orders

Although we produce apparel for clients, for this effort on individual orders we have partnered with Custom Ink.  We hope to sell many t-shirts, and are happy to shift the job of shipping and logistics over to them.  

Bulk Orders

We will locally produce and ship all bulk orders.  This is a great option for organizations who want to rally around this effort.  We can also customize the shirt design upon request to add a personalize element.  

About US

The Hope T-Shirt is a creation of the Nimble Impressions team in Minnesota.  Nimble is a full service marketing and creative agency.  Like many businesses affected by the Covid-19 crisis we have extra time on our hands.  As creative folks we wanted to pair our creative side with our giving side.  Since we conveniently produce a significant amount of apparel for clients we also know how to make t-shirts.  Thus the Hope T-Shirt idea was born.  

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